Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap

Pinocchio drama episode 15 recap

Attention to Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap as she returned the button to him during the scene. So she feels sad. No one is to be shamed for having their own thoughts and views. So I wonder HOW tall is the hyung? We all knew you loved Dal Po all along. Seriously i got heartache now. And he is a grown adult who knows the consequences of his action. Too much for my heart to see Grandpa wailing like that. My heart breaks every time I see Dal Po and hyung! Dal-po cuts, to say that she was of sunbaes at work grilled about being angry and lies that Pinocchio drama episode 15 recap complained all the way to home. You know what i was thinking seeing that? Now excuse me, I need to go cry, again. Such as Jae Myung, Dal Po may be able to stop his hyung and delay the consequences, but the truth that has set their past free will soon become the noose that will knot their future up again. Cap Hwang, I trust you!

Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap

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Though he seems worried too. We switch over to MSC, where In-ha looks on nervously as Hyung sits down at the news desk next to Mom for his live interview. He recounts verbatim what she said thirteen years ago about cutting out his entire my-father-is-a-hero plea in favor of the story she wanted to tell. Ha, okay not funny, but kinda funny.

As the story airs, Chan-soo watches the broadcast and flashes back to the moment that Dal-po gave him the location of the manhole. He told Chan-soo the truth—that Ki Jae-myung confessed his crimes to him because Dal-po is his brother. Why Pinocchio drama episode 15 recap he not Choi Dal-po, but Ki Ha-myung? A row of police cars lies in wait to take him away, and Dal-po runs up for one last conversation. Hyung asks if he did well on his report, and Dal-po nods.

Agh, his puppy eyes are just stabbing me in the heart right now. Hyung regrets that their time together has been so short, after being apart for so long. Dal-po clutches onto Hyung and wails into his chest, not letting go, and Hyung finally lets himself cry as he hugs him back. Dal-po chokes back tears as he says yes. I hate you for making Grandpa cry.

Dad calls out to both Grandpa and In-ha to come out and say goodbye, but they refuse to come out of their rooms, and In-ha cries against her door as Dal-po leaves. The place is teeming with reporters, and the MSC team sees Dal-po hanging back behind the crowd and turn their camera on him. But the YGN team plays interference to protect their rookie, which is sweet.

Dal-po has a hard time watching Hyung get swarmed by reporters, and they both remember what it was like to be chased down by cameras in front of their home as kids. Dal-po can barely stand by the time he returns to the precinct, and In-ha finds him in that shaky state. You killed someone with your words. In the ensuing days, the story only grows bigger, and flames get fanned as people dig up Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap fabricated news stories.

It grows to citizen protest outside MSC, and a third network reports the story of a man who claims that his bus driving business failed because of Song Cha-ok, who falsely reported that one of his drivers committed suicide because of him. Yoo-rae gives her best puppy pout, so Cap belatedly adds her to the team too. They met once but Hyung seems a little unsure, and says that the lawyer seemed a little off.

Is it a public defender? Please be who I think it is. So he sits down next to her and blurts out the truth, and she slaps him so hard that it leaves a welt on his face and knocks him cheek-first into the wall. He pulls her aside and orders her to drop the case, which seems a little presumptuous. But thankfully In-ha says as much and tells him to mind his own beeswax. You cry yourself to sleep every night and you miss Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap every second.

Il-joo reports to Mom that the bus driver did die of a Pinocchio drama episode 15 recap condition and not suicide, and that the family members lied six years ago because they were angry at the bus company for his unfair firing. Mom finally loses her cool and shouts defensively that she CAN prove it, and Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap baits her by asking if she checked the medical report before reporting it a suicide.

But he promises Hyung that he memorized the case details already, and that he made sure to give his dog to his little brother too. Go sit in the corner for a week! I understand the symbolic gesture in freeing each other from everything except their familial obligations, but ultimately it changes very little in a concrete way, which we see today when Dal-po still tells In-ha to drop the story. I may be paraphrasing a little.

I know, separation angst must be had, blah blah. Yes, but what about Grandpa?? What did he ever do to deserve this, huh? Pinocchio drama episode 15 recap I cant wait till the 15th january, when the last episode ends, so that i can watch the drama as whole. Why, why are there so many tears that we need to shed for this drama? This episode ruined me.

Why is it nece for Ha Myung to be so cruel to grandpa? For the love of his piggies is right. If he can only do it by distancing himself and returning to his origins, fine. I can accept a degree of separation and distancing. But the idiocy is in the lies that hurt, the method he used to move on was hurtful. He could have left that family without such an all out painful rejection, rejecting even the warm, good feelings and care. He could have simply told the grampa that he wants to take his birth name again legally That was just cruel.

Its just sad to see that even an amazing drama like this Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap to succumb to traditional drama tropes. Still this episode has its great moments I hope this is a Pinocchio drama episode 15 recap role for him! There are so many handsome actors skilled at their jobs. The competition is stiff. It must be difficult to breakout and be noticed. Yoon Kyun Sang plays the role of Ki Jae Myung. This is his 3rd show only since and he is really fantastic in this role.

I will keep looking out for him. Their story is just so tragic I cry buckets during their scenes together. I just really wanted to cry I cried half of this episode especially when Dal po should it be Ha Myung now? Is there any logical explanation for that? Even Hyung said that he should Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap being loved by this adoptive family.

So why Dal Po? On the other hand, I can see how Beom Jo is stepping up in his game. He is not the hateful second lead. Plus BROMANCE between him and Dal Po. Too much bromance in this drama. It also allows him to take revenge on her ex-sister law. This show is all about family. It is more important than anything else. However, it is strange that In Ha does not hiccup even though she still loves and cares for Da pol but pretends not to care for him in order for Da Po to seek revenge.

If anything, what she was saying was "Yes, I care about you so much that I was willing to go through having to break up with you and watch you destroy my own mother just so you can put all your demons to rest, so you can have your revenge. The other bright spot is of course in the Preview! Oh heartbreaking is the word! So much that DP has done in this episode with his adoptive family tt I wish Pinocchio drama episode 15 recap did not do. Of all options Dalpo had why he have to choose this way.

Dalpo im so mad at u now. Seriously i got heartache now. I love this story so much I was watching it without subs this morning. Yesterday, In Ha and Dal Po, not a noble idiocy it implies that one lied in order to make the other person happy. Today, Dal Po and the entire Choi family except for In Haa definite noble idiocy. I love that In Ha and Dal Po are saying "I love you but you need your space for now". I was so glad! This is a first for me.

I cant understand a single korean except for a few simple words that i have learned while watching kdramas. While watching the raw subs when dal pyung said hajima. Gosh, just even reading the recaps makes me cry again. You poor poor thing! He saved it in the bank maybe? But something tells me that the Choi family is going to steal the show AGAIN in one of the upcoming episodes. This drama really excels at hitting all the emotional notes.

Dal Po is always so strong, shouldering all the burdens, that I love how he reverted back to being a Pinocchio drama episode 15 recap boy looking up to his hyung. Pinocchio drama episode 15 recap I love the confrontation between Dal Po though I probably should refer to him as Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap Myung now and In Ha towards the end.

Ha Myung loses his entire family in a very tragic way plus believing his brother was a coward who abandoned them. He takes on a different persona for how many years as Dal Po only later to find his brother again 13 years later with the murder coming to light as well as the truth. Imagine the guilt he is ridden with after realizing the pain and guilt his brother has lived with.

I get why he blames himself and why he feels like the only way to try to make up for the past is to live how hyung has lived. Because if They had reunited sooner they could have been happy together instead. I hated seeing grandpa cry, but I get it. Suddenly the guilt overwhelms him and he forces himself to choose between his hyung and his adopted family. Being both DP and HM at the same time is just too confusing and unbearable for him. I totally get it.

He just needs to steel his heart and go head on with the revenge otherwise how can he ever do it when he feels so loved and happy with his family. Poor boy, he must be torn between hyung and his new family, feeling so much guilt towards his brother that he deprive his own happiness Pinocchio drama episode 15 recap i know the time will come when he can get over that feeling and go back to the loving family while remain kid brother to his hyung.

Ugh, Dal Po, why are you so stupid? Or maybe just forget about revenge altogether, shall we? These boys need a good talking to from Jang Hye Song - speaking of whom, I am really appreciating how Pinocchio is kind of a foil to IHYV, showing us the other side of the revenge-driven murderer. I am so excited for his cameo!! How can he laugh and joke while his brother rots Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap jail and his parents cry out for the injustice of it all? Dal Po has a family and a girl who loves him and whom he also loves.

And at the end, that family will be his salvation However, I Pinocchio drama episode 15 recap afraid Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap the current move to discredit Cha Ok with the CEO bus driver wrongful allegation case may end up just vindicating her instead. Which is not an excuse, by any means, but the degree of her culpability is Pinocchio drama episode 15 recap. And the cameo from Yoon Sang Yoon as the clumsy cop turned attorney was priceless!

I love the PD of this show as they are known to bring in cameos of actors from their last Pinocchio drama episode 15 recap. I even support it. However, hearing Grandpa cry broke my heart. I liken it to a pustule boil before it can begin to heal, you must first lance it, drain the pus and apply the ointment. Once his demons have been laid to rest, he can then reconnect with his adoptive family. In ha recognizes this, and I love her the more for it. Growing pains Dal po, hang in there, the worst will soon be over.

It really was ironic and funny that all of the time MSC spent re-building its credibility as a news Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap using one story could turn and feed the ratings of another news station and destroy their own Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap a single confession. This may have been the tipping point for her and all.

But somehow I feel bad for Dal Po. He is simply jumping the gun and not taking the advice of his Captain. He was told not to jump to any conclusions with solid facts and also to listen to both sides of the parties. Sadly his hatred or quest for vengeance is blinding him to this. He has already decided in his mind that she is guilty and is doing her best to get her down using this story of hers not realizing that this one may have indeed been a genuine mistake on her part.

I feel bad for the mother but at the same time I think that this may be slightly for the best as well. She now gets to see first hand the effects of what the power of a reporter and do and how it can hurt and damage a family. If she learns from this it will be for the best. Then she will come back to being the Bh she was before and say that the truth had to be uncovered by the end and all that load of baloney that goes with it.

People will feel sorry for her and may even apologize to her etc. Only if she was actually guilty and if she learned something from her actions would be nice otherwise no go. Also has it been proven without a shadow of a doubt that Dal Po and Brothers Dad is actually dead or not. Yes a body was discovered but was it proven Via Dental Records or DNA testing about the bodies identity? I mean the jacket could easily have been discovered by some random homeless person and he was wearing it and may have died over there as the place had been abandoned and all.

Mind you he would still be innocent and all. What do u think about that Also what is the lawyer reference that all of you are going about. Not sure I get that so if anyone can shed some light regarding that will be extremly gratedul and all. But maybe human emotions are wired that way? Most people are such emotional persons that they feel before they think.

I still think its stupid of dal po to think that he isnt deserving of any happiness and especially when grandpa and dal pyung clearly told him that his past doesnt matter. Well i guess he has too much emotional baggage that needs to be cleared of. Well go ahead dal po be the noble idiot that you are, just dont take to long to realize and come back to your feet. For now it still feels like its an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth that dal po is seeking.

Like a kid thinking: im gonna make you experience what i have experienced. I hope he realizes that even if revenge can feel satisfying, it can only do so for a moment. So he needs to learn to make amends no matter how unthinkable it is for him. Because if his idea of revenge is by shaming cha ok and fanning the flame even more then how can he be any different from her?

Dal Po is disbanding his entire support system and putting himself though constant misery to Pinocchio drama episode 15 recap himself for one of the most difficult things in his life. I mentally liken this to firing your army right before going into war in this case, an emotional war. Luckily, one of those solderers is still bringing the fight on her own. There are not really words for how much I appreciate In Ha.

In the previous episode, I seriously did not think she was being a noble idiot. Her reaction made complete sense to me, even if the conflict did not. In Ha, you are the light of hope I hold for this plot development I knew he Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap gonna point out how ironic it was for CO to report the way she wants to with his dad and his own stories.

The Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap between the bros outside MSC broke my heart. The tears, the promise and finally, the hug. And the heart Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap continues The scene with Grandpa and DP I can understand that he feels like he had gotten 13 years of undeserved happiness while his bro fell into a pit of darkness over time.

But still, lying to Grandpa and asking to be disowned Too much Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap my heart to see Grandpa wailing like that. I knew the getting his own room joke was just a facade to cover up his pain And then apologize to DP and asking him not to go! That did me in again! This family loves him so and really views him as one of them. That was hard to watch Two people so in love and care so much about each other, but both are holding back and trying to give each other space She still shrugs off any responsibility!

She tells it like it is with no need to cushion anything. Gotta love him for putting CO in her place for the rank talk and assigning IH to the case. He always says one thing out loud while really meaning the opposite. While DP got his answer confirmed re: death cert. I thought DP had no right to tell IH to drop the case. He needs to know that she shares his sentiments when it comes to Mom and he should just focus on what he needs to do, and that does not include ordering IH what she needs to do or not do.

That exaggerated red hand mark was a giveaway that it was his imagination. Dal-po is totally punishing himself by breaking away from his name and his adopted family I get being angry with him for hurting Grandpa I am too! And then I remember the scene with the brothers before hyung is taken away, and I, er, get a lot of things in my eye. Why does this drama make it impossible to take sides?!

BJ has barely made a presence lately and YR is just for comic relief. Hope there Show me the meaning song free download 123musiq be some time spent on their back stories later. Yes, I think DP has this mentality that he must suffer pain like Hyung did because only he has been enjoying the love of family and happiness all this time.

I hope he Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap put his past behind him soon. First the tear-filled reunion and then the farewell People can die from a broken heart. What Dal Po did was unforgivable. I lost it when Dad asked Dal Po to stay. They truly were a happy family. Why does Dal Po have to be so stupid? I thought Cha Byun was an epilogue. Thanks for the recap, girlfriday! I love her and Ji Sung. Lawyer Cha, how much I miss you? I wish I could see him in a room with Dal Po.

Lawyer Cha is really an adorable man and hope he will stay adorable here based on the preview. So here I suspend my disbelief just because I love the show so much! He could be Dal Po and Ha Myung at the same time and no one including Hyung seems having an issue about that. Its a live broadcast after all. It would be like being happy and guilty at the same time. He needs to make peace with his past so he can move to a happier future.

I dont like it that he Pinocchio drama episode 15 recap to lie to grandpa, he could just have been frank with him. But i think it was necessary to cut the ties. Broadcasted as it happens in the present. Because i thought that the news were the only prerecorded stuff but not the interview. In general, live interviews are more common on CNN and the other cable stationa and not the evening news on the big 3. The last time I cried the way I cried during ep 11 and 12 was on last ep of City Hall.

But now, I literally sobbing!! Gaaah, so painfully good! I live you Pinocchio, thank you for bringing everything that I love about kdrama. After finding out that Dal Po is Ha Myung in such a horribly shocking way and that they have been lied to, they still love Ha Myung. Seemed so callous of him to just announce his birth name on TV, knowing that the Chois would be glued to the TV set. They are truly Mortal kombat project 4 1 moves list pc loving family.

No family one-upmanship nonsense, just love and acceptance. That she is so strong, so true, so clear thinking. Standing up to Ha Myung over the investigation and preparing to fight her own way to bring truth to light. Getting over her resentment about all those lost texts. And I love, LOVE that the 4 young reporters are finally together, well, in a sort of way.

That they shared the interview and the workload, that they trust each other and are willing to cooperate. When they were split in the beginning I thought this friendly scene would never take place, but this episode has them together, working amicably, hopefully with more such occasions to come. Dalpo probably does not want to flaunt in front of In Ha about him attacking her mom.

Right now, Lee Jong Suk is playing Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap Myung we may either like him or hate him, but this is the Han Myung that we saw when he was younger. Chan Soo realises what a jerk he was to Dal Po while they were in school and calls himself immature, thoughtless and shallow-minded, which he applies to his colleague too! However I cannot approve her tactics against Cha Ok. Beom Jo is happily no longer the stalker character but the one mature enough to say he should end a one-sided love.

Whether he gets to break it off properly remains to be seen. It reminded me of incidents where that scandal which Tablo was involved. Of course the situation is different but making hate cafes and organising petitions etc are a big norm in Korea. Plus Yoo Rae has a background as a Sasaeng so I think it matches with her character to be using these methods to get back at Cha OK. I se it as the writer making a bit of commentary on the current situation in new sites and the state of Korean netizens.

He really is a sympathetic character so it totally makes sense. However, Hyung is a murderer, a cold-blooded one. Growing up without family and parents is incredibly difficult and really damaging. However, no tragic story gives you license to kill people, especially not three times over. Allowing Hyung to walk free, regardless of the situation, is not realistic and there needs to be retribution.

It feels like now we might just be in any other drama. The OTP forced to oppose one another for some reason while realizing that they truly love each other despite those around them that might be a better match. Though I get that Dal Po needs to become his former self in order for them to truly be together. He drove his truck head-first into a vehicle three times its size to save a kid he hallucinated was young Ha-myung, without even thinking of his own safety.

So we look back at fondness at what was and know with aching hearts what could have been and the pathos is that much greater!!! Great writing or super frustrating, depending on how you look at it. Does he want her to admit her faults? Does he Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap her to stop being a reporter? Like I know they want to "bring her down" but how and in what way. I was not expecting him to end his relationship with Grandpa that way. I can understand his reasoning for leaving but not destroying an old mans heart.

Seems unnecessary and just drama for drama. There was an element in that show that Pinocchio is now exploring: the lonely, isolated life of a damaged man who willingly turned into a beast because of revenge. Except that that show was tightly written and had four strong characters who moved around that insular world and made it crackle like mad. Pinocchio has too many unnecessary characters and a female lead who is woefully underwritten and underused.

Too goody-goody two shoes. Too boxed in as the ideal. As for the revenge, who knows? The writer Are nediaa song has too much excess material from I hear your voice and is using that to drive this drama. The drama looks shiny and pretty. The set is high-end. The lighting is too beautiful for words. The actors belong to Olympus. And the costumes are gorgeous.

Who needs it when we can bask with awe at the beauty of this perfect landscape? Yes, i definitely think there are some Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap similarities between it and IHYV and it probably stems from it being the work of the same writer-pd tandem and of course lee jong suk being the male lead. But criticising the female character and comparing her to that one of hye sung is completely unnecessary. IN HA is in Ha and Hye sung is hye sung, wanting in ha to have the same character as hye sung is just totally wrong.

If you want someone like hye sung, then she is there in IHYV and yes she is awesome but i also beg to disagree on your opinion because i think In ha is just as awesome as hye sung and should be viewed in her own merit and not in comparison to hye sung. I respect your opinion but Im just kind sad that you view her that way because i think In ha is awesome. In ha and hye sung both are. So, she basically loiters around doing nothing. No friends, no tangible ambition to speak of, not even a boyfriend.

Contrast that to the heroine in secret garden for example. Even after winning her rich heir, she still aspires to be a stunt woman in Hollywood. After 5 years of marriage and 3 kids, she becomes a director of the stunt school. She has friends in the industry, she has a bestfriend, she is the soul mate of a hallyu star. She has a life before and after prince charming. The lead character in heirs of course this same actress is turning herself ragged doing part-time jobs.

She is hard working, thrifty and driven. We also get to see the two competing boys visit her in her workplace, where she lords it over them. She has friends, an excellent mother superior, a twin Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap, and a boyfriend who adores her. The character in I hear your voice has a full life even before Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap boy found her.

She has a doting mom, a job, ambition, and a loft apartment that looks too expensive for the measly salary of a public defender. She finds out her mom is a bitch, shrugs and tells dal po, yup, go for it, dude. Exact your revenge on her. But outside of that, there is nothing to recommend her as a character. Dal po and his brother battle her mom on air and she sits by the sidelines with pretty rich heir looking gorgeous but nothing else.

Give her something Virtual sailor 7 key do for the love of god. Make her a better reporter or something And I am a fan of PSH! PS: I think you really like IHYV which is great, it was a fantastic drama but you might genuinely be better off not watching this drama and just going back to that one, since the female lead clearly bothers you a lot by committing the grievous offence of not being Jang Hye-sung.

It would save us all from listening to a lot of specious and repetitive arguments about In-ha little fact, lots of impact, to paraphrase SCO and you would probably enjoy yourself more. Yeah, you do have point there too. I think character development wise In ha still ought to prove herself as worth something in the field of being a reporting. There is definitely still a lot more for her to grow at this point if allowed.

Now maybe with Ha myung separated from her then she be able to grow in person by her means. She is blunt honest because she has to be and i never saw her Pinocchio drama episode 15 recap a weak character because she is someone who cam carry herself enough without the help of the male lead. It saddens me that you view it as an excess story from IHYV rather i think it can be an extension of it like a coin that has two sides, seeming similar yet different.

It has different character and you expect to have a different reaction. What irony yet again! Pinocchio drama episode 15 recap no revenge as yet. Even though we know CO was lied to, she also neglected to investigate thoroughly and the death Pinocchio drama episode 15 recap was key evidence. CO pretty much admitted she just based her report on circumstantial evidence, the family testimony, and the will. Bearing responsibility goes back to that case with the lady who died from working out in the gym.

When he realized what happened, he knew right away that he was wrong and irresponsible. Even reporting the water level in that older clip of her kneeling in the water is misleading. It makes you wonder Circus sathi pandu mp3 songs download she feels she needs to make every report juicy and with seasoning. So, she really needs to reflect on what it means to be a proper reporter. But I do hope she will ultimately set aside her pride, sincerely apologize to the people whose lives have been affected by her reports, and just the public in general for how bad of a reporter she has been.

How sad it will be to have a relationship of love with In Ha tainted by hate for her mum forever. He has to stop soon!!! If she can redeem herself, Pinocchio drama episode 15 recap hope she can mend her relationship with IH. If she loses it all right now, it might not be a bad thing. She can start from the bottom up again and do it right.

Yeah, DP is teetering Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap the dark side now. You can always see fire coming out of his gaze as he seeks revenge. Hope both he and Hyung can understand that revenge gets nowhere. However, as we all can agree, revenge is never the answer, although it is almost always the first option chosen because it strikes at the heart of the victims. When a person has been victimised and Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap treated, the mind is overriden by the emotions and revenge is driven by emotions - hurt, anger, desperation, helplessness - can all lead to one choosing to seek revenge so as to give back to the perpetrators the exact same negative emotions the victims are facing.

This line of thought was touched in by the writer in IHYV because it is the same writer for this drama. That is only achievable if revenge does not leave everyone blind, or worse, dead. So, he probably feels that Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap needs to continue on this path of revenge, just not the same way Hyung did it with the murders. You want the other person to experience the same thing Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap for justice to be served. But like you said, "an eye for an eye" is never the answer.

It is especially tragic when the revenge spans generations and this "war" will never Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap because it will just go back and forth. Anyway, I know we are all keeping our fingers crossed for that happy ending. The characters just need time to go through some struggles and growth first. Some things have to be done coldly in order to be done properly: Only way he can restore the long term harmony of dear family.

I saw that sadistic smile when he talked to CO like a cat playing with a mouse: Dark Side is near for DP now that he decided to bear the burden of his hyung. Although its not the best of methods, i would have appreciated it much more if he told grandpa the truth. Like you Im also worried about the path dal po is gonna take. I just wish do the right thing and not be blinded by his anger to much.

What will they bring to the table for the rest of the 4 episodes? I trust this team of writer-director! Grandpa crying broke my heart, but I agree with some of the others, as for himself its a necessary step to draw a fine line and tackle his revenge. His own tragedy, and his brother must be resolved before either of them can have a happy ending. When the family photos of his past and his present of him and Hyung together in that photo were on the table, it visually hits you much pain he is in.

The way he parted with the Choi family, it is intentionally hurtful to himself as much as to them, so he could serve the ties. Dalpo is currently a mess and understandably so. The show has not been building Song Cha Ok as an invincible bad Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap who would only lose in the final episode. Using the rest of the showtime to take her down would be too much. This writer reuses and explores old ideas Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap a great effect.

In I Hear Your Voice, Hye Sung hiccups when she lies. Min Joon Gook lost his family because of a reporter. The heroes of the two dramas, one who searches for and fight for the truth Soo Haanother lies all the time to loved ones as much as strangers Dalpo. At the beginning of Pinocchio, I worried that Dalpo would be much similar to Sooha given the same writer, actor and production team.

That worry is put to rest now. Dalpo decidedly has more flaws, more emotional, and carries a huge burden of Guilt. My hearts breaks much more for him. Lee Jong Suk has been crying and angsting so much these past episodes I worry for his eyes, poor thing. Also I did not sign up for this much pain. Where is my rom com with cute Pinocchio drama episode 15 recap and adorable bromances and quirky side characters and sunshine and rainbow damn it!

Hyung, so far, was mad at a lot of people but only went after people he held directly responsible. And terminating a bus driver over won does seem a little Poor grandpa : I was so sad when they panned out to show him still! I could feel your outrage through the web page, and I share it. Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap with this noble atrocity, I did enjoy the episode enough and still have hopes for the series.

But it sure took a few plot turns down the man hole this week. And like the case of Gym Lady, In Ha is able to proof her innocence whether she likes it or not and Dal Po learns that everybody has a back story and that someone he hates can become a victim too. Dal Po achieve his dream sorta in taking revenge to Cha Ok, but In Ha has not proven to anybody in a big way why Pinocchio CAN be a reporter.

And I do hope that we get a backstory about Beom Joo and Yoo Rae. I love that character How many days until wednesday?? I had this funny feeling too It was tough watching Dal Po leave Grandpa a crying wreck. I really am enjoying this show, even with all of the criticisms and semantics as to what noble idiocy is or is not. This writer has something special. Ha Myung and Jae Myung seem to feel that they need to do more in the area of revenge.

Although understandable, it is not right. I want them to be the heroes ie not the ones doing something Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap hurt others for their own personal motives. The aim in taking Chao Ok down should be more objective: show up that people have been victims of false or manipulated reporting and stop the same from happening in the future. Not just to hurt. The brothers should not taint their reunion with vengeance, even if they see it as a sign of their bond and loyalty to family.

It feels like they are so hellbent on making cha ok experience the pain and and humiliation that they have gone through. Maybe along the way they will learn that forgiveness is better than vengeance because its only gonna create more hurts. Even Cha Ok has to forgive them and herself if only she can see with clear eyes just what she is. Sheesh, the male actors are killing it. And as a rule, I hate noble idiocy. The reason it is different is that every one knows the truth.

They broke up with full knowledge on both sides of what is going on and why they are doing it. That is noble idiocy I can tolerate. I have an issue with the smile. I find the smile After all that has happened, and will happen in the future, the emotional roller-coaster, angst and heartbreak, I find the smile out of place, and rather lightweight, all things considered. But then I can understand that perhaps LJS being a young actor, needs time to hone his acting skill, and the writer and PD need to hone theirs as well.

Was it meant to be a smile of satisfaction that she had finally admitted to not checking the death cert? But it did not look right. Maybe it was just a happy smile that he had his story in the bag??? But I felt Pinocchio drama episode 15 recap, it might have been meant to be the smirk that villains produce after Pinocchio drama episode 15 recap a dastardly deed. It just came out wrong. He is going to toy with her, to torture her mentally before going for the kill.

This is about revenge! I think it is too harsh. An example of that streak was during the Quiz with Chan Soo during their high school days. He is someone Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap a high IQ, gifted, a genius even. He said that she should not feel afraid too soon because then it would not be fun. Only a person who relishes the sight of an enemy being crushed would feel and say that it is fun to see that.

Especially considering the fact that would any normal human being feel HAPPY, as the smile suggested, after having put down an enemy? I think the more accurate emotion would be victorious and satisfaction, rather than simple happiness. After all, would we really find HAPPINESS from having crushed an enemy in a battle? I think a more apt feeling would be along the lines of utter relief that the battle has been won more than simple happiness. Rather it is just winning 1 point against her in a long battle of winning points towards winning the war, which is a long way off.

I definitely think ha myung is headed off to revenge himself, not the murder kind that hyung did but more on the side of social death and public shaming maybe. Cha ok destroyed the dignity and clear name of his father so i think he go for destroying her image. And so, I think the smile was supposed to be one of satisfaction that he has achieved one victory over the enemy towards avenging his loved ones. However, I think LJS did not manage to carry it off the way that it was supposed to be.

It came out as too mild, neither here nor there, neither a happy-happy smile nor a smirk. He is starting to be like Cha Ok. On his way to revenge he becomes almost like the person he hates. Then maybe it can be In Ha vs. Ha Myung this time. They both have the same goals about cha ok. But In ha can be more on the fact that, her mom doesnt seem to feel remorse and so she wants her Pinocchio drama episode 15 recap reflect and seriously think about her actions and to bear responsibility and apologize.

Ha Myung on the other hand could become blinded by his hatred. I totally agree with you that IH and HM will likely clashed in this mission to bring Cha Ok down. It would be too easy if HM can achieve his goal in this bus driver case. After all we have 8 more episodes to go. But instead of keeping an Pinocchio drama episode 15 recap mind, ha myung hates her too much that he forgets their suppposed to be many sides to a story an not just the Pinocchio drama episode 15 recap he wants to see.

Not only will HM and IH clash but in the process, HM may discover that once again he has been too single minded in getting the story out and misses a cue that CO is not as culpable as he makes her out to be in the bus case Remember that he told his brother that if it turns out Mom really mis-reported the story that it would be enough to finish her off. Anticipating what will happen next. My only bright spot in this episode. Way to go, Dad.

We all knew you loved Dal Po all along. I was actually really worried about how they were going to get over that legal struggle or how come no one seemed to be too concerned with that. And they broke it. Do you Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap know her at all? Which is not logical at all, but it does make sense that he would think like that. And then Dad, too, coming in and asking him not to go I think I was crying non-stop through the first half hour. But yes, he did deserve the telling-off In-ha gave him for trying to pull her off the story.

No, I love you. No, I hate you! No, I love you! Lawyer Oska do the rescue for sure! As for Dalpo, so will it be a news report clouded by revenge? Cap Hwang, I trust you! You know what to do. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Please click Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap link in that email to complete the email change process. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.

Remember me Connect with Facebook. Already have an account? Please enter your username or email address. SWITCH TO BLOG VIEW. Your email address will not be published. December 18, at PM. Too many angts please bring back our happy couple and Choi Family December 19, at AM. Gahhhh, I totally lost it when Dad said dont go. When grandpa cried aloud in his room w the door closed, I cried buckets.

Noble Idiocy stikes again!!! He leaves In Ha The scene between In Ha and Mom in the bathroom. And the cameo of Attorney Cha!!!! This episode I felt that Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap no nobility in the idiocy. Just guilt-ridden, untruthful idiocy. Afterall, the fact that his hyung was suffering all alone is not their fault! December 19, at PM. December 22, at PM. Actor playing Hyung is doing a real good job.

This actor is so good looking and manly. Please give him a lead role soon. And I really hope he gets one soon. December 20, at AM. The relationship between the two brothers is the real star of the show for me. The scene between Jae Myung and Dal Po breaks my heart. Show, I have faith in you. Bring Dal Po back with you. Needs to be done in order to give Blaupunkt gmbh code calculator download a happy ending.

December 23, at PM. You are spot on. January 3, at PM. You know what i was thinking seeing that? Thank you so much Girlfriday for another super-fast recap! I totally agree with you about how unfair for DP to treat Grandpa the way he did. Thank you for the recap! Now excuse me, I need to go cry, again. Yeah the piggybanks must be the only ones happy to be away from grandpa.

Thank you for the recaps! The beginning had me crying again. My heart broke so many times during this episode. I know a lot of people are upset with Ha Myung for severing ties with Grandpa and little brother, but I get it. Plus Take into account the circumstances. But I just hate it that he felt guilty! Took the words right out of my mouth, very well said.

The more I think about it, the worse I feel for Ha Myeong. How can he ever smile again? And he also needs to do something to contribute to the injustice caused to their parents. But love will trump it all, because at the end, unlike his brother The scenes with Ha-myung and Jae-myung always get to me. Ballzy move by the Ki brothers to entrap and discredit Cha Ok and I must say it worked out very well.

The Ki brother trap did prove very effective. December 21, at AM. Somehow I get the feeling that the mother may actually be innocent. What do u think about that. Also what is the lawyer reference that all of you are going about. I still feel that the separation is reasonable but really dal po, why blame yourself for everything? This episode confirmed two things for me: 1 I find this conflict ridiculous; 2 I do not blame In Ha for this ridiculous conflict, at all. Thanks for the recap, GF! Another painful, tear-jerking ep to watch!

LOL at YR putting her sasaeng skills to use. The bus driver case Two noble idiots in two episodes. I think that the MSC NEWS AND YGN news are actually filmed live and hyung was in the studio being interviewed while the show was ongoing and airing, its not pre recorded or anything so they wont be able to edit out what hyung said. It was a life feed I didnt think it was possible to edit something our while airing live. But isnt live broadcast supposed to be filmed in real time? What I love, love, love Also I really love In Ha.

Did anyone see the preview for the next episode? Yes it is the cameo of Yoon Sang Hyun as Lawyer Cha from "I Hear Your Voice". I KNEW HE LOOKED FAMILIAR! Moments of self revelation:. I like the growth. I like to believe that Yoo Rae doing those things are actually a reflection of the state current netizens are in Korea. Whether we like it or not, it seems to be the way some netizens go. I like that idea but I will take that further. I like your idea! Hyung is an interesting character.

As in so many ways, this drama has turned the usual romance arc on its head. It begins with the OTP relationship already so mature and so great whereas in other shows it could have taken anything from episodes to get there and proceeds to unravel that greatness in the last half of Pinocchio drama episode 15 recap drama. The thing I want to know is to what end does Dal Po need to destroy Cha Ok. I suggest then that you stop comparing these dramas in order for you to enjoy it.

Just go watch IHYV bcz In Ha will be in pinocchio as main character will make the change OK. And also in ha has never been timid to me at least. Actually, objectively, I get what Neri is saying. I think it can go both ways. This is the redemption that I want to see. IE Cha Ok reflecting and redeeming herself and the brothers too knowing enough is enough and making it right. I absolutely agree with you! Yes, i kind of agree with you there. I lost it all. Let dark Ha Myung grace our screens.

Did anyone see all the piggy bank in hyung house??? Interesting that a couple of episodes ago, some viewers were not happy with Dalpo enjoying his time with the Choi family while Hyung was all alone and heading toward the dark side. Broke my heart seeing how Ha Myung and In Ha had to part ways I hope Jae-Myung will be able to get out of jail seriously Then Ha Myung can focus on getting back at Song reporter and when everything ends I am a little troubled

Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap

Pinocchio drama episode 11 recap

Posted on December 11, by ockoala If this drama was already quite good, this week's episodes vaulted it into truly excellent Episode 10 recap: Dal Po. Episode 11 - "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Jae Myung and Dal Po We've reach the halfway point in this drama and it's time for Dal Po to. Posted on December 11, by ockoala If this drama was already quite good, this week's episodes vaulted it into truly excellent Episode 10 recap: Dal Po. Turns out yesterday's episode wasn't the worst of the heartbreak, not by a long shot. Our hero decides – “하나뿐인 사람” (One and Only Person) for the Pinocchio OST [ Download ] .. December 18, at PM.

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